Each tutorial, kindergarten through fifth grade, features different resources -- games, songs, stories, exercises -- in a specially designed process that builds on each activity gradually. Better yet, you can easily check each child's progress with a progress tracker.

From practice to perfection

Step by step digital courses introduce and develop new skills.
  1. Start with a song or a story
    Instruction sessions often begin with a song or story to help the child adapt and learn the skill at hand.
  2. By playing
    Filled with fun stories and games, quirky characters, kids will love learning.
  3. Celebrating Learning Outcomes
    Children develop a growth mindset as they acquire skills.
Track your child's progress
Guided sessions are seamlessly integrated with the online lottery's progress tracker, a powerful tool to show parents and teachers exactly where a child is on the learning journey.

Consistent with standards

Mining thousands of games, Worksheets, and activities that address more than 800 critical skills aligned with national and regional standards.
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Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Online Lottery with tablet app and web browser access, lets you put your device with peace of mind, knowing that your children will learn as they play.
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Conduct lessons in the classroom

Online lotteries provide teachers with tools to manage their classes and students progress through guided lessons. Keenly observe each student's unique experience and identify students who need help.
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